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I made these crafty cat heads for a local cats charity coffee morning. Filled with polyester stuffing I added lavender to some, and cat-nip to others so they could either perfume someone's wardrobe, or give their cat a toy to play with. With some other cat-print fabric I made these wall-hangers, just for fun. Also made 3 calico aprons with cat-print pockets but they all got sold before I could photo them.

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annarrow commented on 2010-07-05 19:50:22

What a lovely idea, they look great.

fairyland commented on 2010-07-05 20:07:34

What fun they are lovely x

andie commented on 2010-07-05 21:21:39


grandmum commented on 2010-07-05 21:44:52

Love these cats Jx

TLW commented on 2010-07-05 23:15:31

These made me smile.

Jenx commented on 2010-07-06 02:11:06

These are adorable! Surprise, Surprise! Before I enlarged the photo I thought they were cupcakes and was wondering how you had decorated them so realistically. It would be a good idea tho, to make catcakes. Just put something round (a wooden peg) into the side of each section to hold the cake wrapper away from the side to give the shape of the ears and decorate like cats (or dogs?) after they're baked. If I were ambitious, I'd try it,

glaslas commented on 2010-07-06 08:38:42

Another great project Birdie. xx

mollypops commented on 2010-07-06 08:51:13

Aw! how cute.xx

prettypink commented on 2010-07-06 18:49:50

so sweet

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few days
05 July 2010

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