My first ever knitted booties

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I thought it was time to have a go at making some knitted booties as my youngest sister is having a baby after suffering with more than 5 misscariges and being told that she couldnt carry a baby this pregnancy is going very well, and so this is a very special baby you could say a miricle our little treasure....

anyway im pleased with the way the booties turned out and even for a beginner like me there really fast to make taking just over an hour.

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suzanne1387 commented on 2010-10-16 11:28:05

oh give my love to your sister and i hope all goes well for her! the booties look great xx

DemonKnit commented on 2010-10-16 14:34:31

awwwww lovely :)

julieanneb commented on 2010-10-16 15:00:06

Super booties - best wishes to your sister x

twinkle27 commented on 2010-10-16 15:22:54

Thanks everyone ill pass on your wishes x

annarrow commented on 2010-10-16 15:34:26

They are so sweet, and best wishes to your sister.

grandmum commented on 2010-10-16 17:34:18

These are fabulous and I love the colour - Good Luck to your sister - Jxx

Buzyknitting commented on 2010-10-16 17:57:56

Really lovely ...... Praying all goes well for your sister xx

Happymouse commented on 2010-10-16 18:11:57

Lovely bootees and a lovely colour to suit a girl or boy. Hope and pray all goes well this time xx

catmother commented on 2010-10-17 12:29:07

they are such a pretty color - super job!

prettypink commented on 2010-10-17 20:42:47


Time Taken
1 hour +
New Born
16 October 2010

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