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This is the first sampler pattern I ever designed , pretty happy with how it came out exept the top just not sure what would be better up there.
samplers are one of the most fun things to stitch never boaring but my hubby doesn't care for them so I try not to fill the house with them .

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WiseOwl commented on 2008-10-15 20:46:38

Beautiful work with stunning detail! And on evenweave too!! (I daren't try anything more adventurous than aida!!) Love the little bee charms you've used !

thecrampedhand commented on 2008-10-15 21:14:23

once you try even weave or linen you'll never go back to aida unless you are looking for durablity

Rosemom commented on 2008-10-15 22:38:58

How beautiful ! Really lovely work

rrvy commented on 2009-02-16 16:39:03

Very the bee and the bees.makes it come alive

Lilywhites commented on 2009-03-12 16:40:15

very very nice so cute .xxx

tinca commented on 2009-04-24 10:02:40

I love the sampler, it's lovely. eilx

Time Taken
15 October 2008

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