Matryoshka Doll by Sharon Maher

My Creation

I bought a magazine in England called Yarn Forward (Nov 2010 issue) because I saw a picture of this doll on the cover. I knew I wanted to knit her and I did. It didn't take very long. However, the pattern said to knit the doll using two strands of yarn held together. I found this impossible on the small needles called for so just used one strand. One part of the doll (the base) called for knitting 3 strands together! Forget it! (I struggled and used just 2 strand for this) However, the doll came out just fine the way I did it and I love the design. I also knitted a half sized doll by adaptin the pattern.

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TrishKnitter commented on 2010-11-04 15:42:45

\she is lovely well done.............what if any did the size differ only using 1 strand of yarn.?

cfartyabuela commented on 2010-11-04 16:45:35

I think she is lovely, well done you. xxx

stinkymum commented on 2010-11-04 18:07:47

I don't think the size differed too much by using only 1 strand of yarn. According to the pattern she should be 12 1/2inches tall. My doll is almost 12 inches tall.

DemonKnit commented on 2010-11-04 19:08:52

lovely :)

mollypops commented on 2010-11-04 19:12:45

She's her scarf/hat.xx

glaslas commented on 2010-11-04 21:39:41

Love Russian dolls....and I love this!!

prettypink commented on 2010-11-04 22:31:39

a stunning doll

darkkiss commented on 2010-11-05 08:07:59

aww bless, she looks lovely

annarrow commented on 2010-11-05 09:07:15

A lovely doll, great work.

andie commented on 2010-11-05 12:31:03

ooh shes fab well done

Time Taken
few days
None in particular
04 November 2010

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