Two Little Birds

My Creation

I made these little birds to decorate the nursery. The pattern came from Cath Kidston's "Stitch" book which I bought the other day and haven't been able to put down!!!

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TrishKnitter commented on 2011-04-08 15:01:10

Really pretty will look good in nursery.

annarrow commented on 2011-04-08 16:16:27

These are so sweet, look really good in the nursery.

DemonKnit commented on 2011-04-08 18:12:01

sweet :)

fairyland commented on 2011-04-08 20:51:18

So cute will look beautiful in the nursery x

ChrisCunningham commented on 2011-04-08 22:12:25

These are lovely

glaslas commented on 2011-04-09 13:34:50

Love them & your chioce of fabric is super. I've got that book too - LOVE it...!!

snowwhite commented on 2011-04-09 15:12:56

Thankyou for all your lovely comments. I got the fabrics in the reduced section in a local fabric shop and was delighted at how well they looked together, BARGAIN!

andie commented on 2011-04-10 09:38:54

these are lovely, great fabrics. i have the book too its lovely isnt it

grandmum commented on 2011-04-10 19:49:03

really pretty Jx

Time Taken
1 hour +
08 April 2011

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