Ambrose Bear

My Creation

Ambrose is the first bear I've made from black mohair (and probably my last!) the face was a 'mare to do and doesn't show up to well in photos but being mohair he's super soft and cuddly which makes up for all the effort it took.

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glaslas commented on 2011-02-26 09:45:46

He's lush....

Suechris commented on 2011-02-26 10:53:30

I like Ambrose he looks great. Definately worth the effort

annarrow commented on 2011-02-26 11:53:12

Ambrose is really lovely.

TLW commented on 2011-02-26 13:47:37

Gorgeous - the black mohair is lovely.

prettypink commented on 2011-02-26 14:15:12


TrishKnitter commented on 2011-02-26 15:32:52

He is great........well done

ZoeF commented on 2011-02-26 21:45:09

He is gorgeous x

andie commented on 2011-02-27 10:20:35

ambrose is fab too

grandmum commented on 2011-02-27 14:32:47

Now I love Ambrose - he's just gorgeous and well worth the effort! Jx

BluebellCrafts commented on 2011-02-28 17:51:19

Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments x

Time Taken
few days
None in particular
26 February 2011

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