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Here they are opening their sleeping bags - and trying them out! Thank you again Moe, you made Christmas special for my angels.
They are using the bags for their afternoon naps, on the bed or on the settee - wherever suits. Sorry my photos don't do justice to the clown and fairy.
Ladies (and 'fellah' crafters) just want you to know that Moe is the most amazing seamstress EVER! She has made these wonderful creations for my angels - all her own design too! (Think she must be a bit psychic too to pick up on what my little girls like!) Aren't they just fabulous? I'm deeply grateful Moe. Jx

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julieanneb commented on 2009-12-30 21:36:23

Saw photos of these soon after they were made and before the kiddies got them - I am in awe of Moe too - she has the most wonderful ideas and executes them to perfection. Two very happy kids by the looks of it - well done Moe!

hells456 commented on 2009-12-30 21:46:56

Aww so cute... and I like the sleeping bags too!

annarrow commented on 2009-12-30 22:23:57

What lovely sleeping bags, they are fantastic! The little girls look like they are loving them. Well done to Moe too for such super ideas and great designs.

andie commented on 2009-12-31 00:39:57

grace and alyssa look happy with their super snuggly sleeping bags, lovely pics J x

Rosemom commented on 2009-12-31 01:26:52

These bags are so cute, as are your girls:) Well done Moe!

mollypops commented on 2009-12-31 09:20:21

Aw! THANKS J for all the lovely things you have said here about me but,(wondered why my head was twice it's size when i looked in the mirror this morning)hehe. believe me....I got as much pleasure out of making them as the 'wee angels' did in opening them (I did,I did,I did)haha I wanted to make the fairy slightly 'over the top' and all sparkly and glittery and add BIG buttons etc,to the Clown but,was worried because,the 'wee angels' in question are so young and as they have enough accidents of their own making in early childhood....I didn't want to add to them :o) Hope they have many happy times in them J and THANKS again :o) Lots of Hugs xx

glaslas commented on 2009-12-31 10:46:10

Ab Fab!! The little ones look so delighted!!

Suechris commented on 2009-12-31 10:46:34

Snug as bugs great

Springfield commented on 2009-12-31 16:28:06

Looks like they had a lot of fun with these, I bet you had no trouble getting them to bed

prettypink commented on 2009-12-31 19:48:00

they are superb - love them....

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30 December 2009

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