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At last i have completed my knitting bag which had been started last December. It holds my current knitting and the wool. The pocket at the front holds more bits and bobs. With the tiny bit of yarn left i made a matching little purse to take the stitch holders. Lined in a contrasting colour and hand stitched. The wool was given to me last year and wasnt sure at the time what to make with it but decided on a knitting bag.

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darkkiss commented on 2012-03-27 23:35:25

cool, lookd fab, really colourful

prettypink commented on 2012-03-28 09:28:40

Ann wow this is gorgeous.... love the wool and style of bag... x

lindyloo2 commented on 2012-03-28 10:54:43

Well done Ann, it is lovely, you will find this really useful. It will keep your work altogether and clean & tidy. I like to use my bag, you know where everything is then and I also take it to my Craft Group. Glad you are feeling better, lots of love Lynda xxxxxx

Rita555 commented on 2012-03-28 12:51:22

It is so summerly.Nice colours and design

Suechris commented on 2012-03-28 18:40:56

Ann your knitting bag is absolutely fabulous. The colours are just like the rainbow.

bettytee commented on 2012-03-28 20:00:04

Lovely work Ann love the colours and and the lining will prevent any stretching nice to have the wee purse to hold stitch holders and cable needles . It is lovely to see that you are feeling better take care hugs Betty

chrissy72 commented on 2012-03-29 07:38:43

Great work Ann !

annarrow commented on 2012-03-29 08:43:54

Thankyou so much for your lovely comments darkkiss x,prettypink x lindyloo2 x Rita555 x Suechris x bettytee x and chrissy72 x

Rosalie commented on 2012-04-01 17:54:22

Love the bright colours of the wool and the way you have used all that you had to make the additional stitch-holder purse. Glad you are feeling like knitting again xx

annarrow commented on 2012-04-02 09:54:18

Thankyou so much for your lovely comments Rosalie. xx

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