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Its about time I got round to writing this, But as usual Im busy and never have the camera handy etc....

This is not a pattern, Its more how i made the pattern so you can create the perfect pair for you as I thought this would be more helpful than just a rough shape that only fits one person perfectly.
( I used a non stretch fabric for these as I cant get hold of stretch fabrics easily...apart from old T-shirts)

Please note, Im male and these knickers where created for my partner who is female, the panties DO NOT FIT A MAN !!!! in fact they would be about as much use a trying to carry a jelly in a string bag ( Not a good vision ).

OK, are you sitting comfortably....... Then I shall begin.

First you will need a few measurements, please use a tailors measuring tape as the metal builders retractable ones could be potentially dangerous as they cut !!!

You then need the crotch measurement, I never know where exactley to measure to and from so cheat ! put on a nice pair that you have that sit nicely on your hips and are comfortable for you. measure front to back from the waist band round the crotch. This is now measurement (C)

Now on a piece of paper draw a straight line thats the same lenght as (C).
Ok all good so far, now measure the width of the knickers you want from the front measurement (B) this measurement is personal preference and will depend on what style you making ie Elastic side / Tie sides

On your piece of paper draw the (B) line (note this line is on the end of line (C) and is equal on both sides,see diagram for rough idea)

Ok now measure (A) from diagram and also (D)

ok mark (A) on the paper with the lenght of (D)

From the diagram for measuring, get the (E) and (F) measurements

Mark these on the drawing the length of the (F) mark would be (D)

Now draw a freehand curve that you think will look good on you using the points we have marked. Dont try to do both sides I always fold my fabric and cut the pattern in one as im lazy.

ok if your happy with it then cut it out See diagram... Oh please note my diagram is for showing where things are marked and is not to scale and would not fit any female I have ever met so dont just print it ..... It wont work.

If you want a paper test piece to see how it fits fold the paper along the (C) line and the cut the line open out to get the full pattern, If you hold it up to yourself please be careful as I accept no responsiblity for paper cuts etc

I cut along the (C) line and then around the free hand line and then just hope its going to work as my dummies not acurate on the leg and crotch area and Im normally making these as a present so fitting isnt an option.

Ok im bored of writing now so Im going over to the making pictures now as its probably easier to understand than my random scratchings.... Enjoy

The style can be changed to suit your taste, this is more an idea bouncing project rather than a difinative best way to make knickers.

You can replace the cotton tape and hem instead or even add lace/stretch lace to the sides

Well I hope your creations turn out well and remember you can use whatever elastic / fabric / biasbinding you have to hand.
The most important bit is Have fun whilst making them !!!!!

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CathyH commented on 2009-05-06 12:46:18

This sounds like an interesting project: knickers to fit LOL. I'm curious to see the finished article. I've attended some dress making classes in the past and I know just how difficult it is to measure the person/yourself to make sure the item fits you perfectly. Maybe I should post the coat that I made.

julieanneb commented on 2009-05-06 12:55:38

You never cease to amaze me!!!! brilliant stuff can't wait for the second installment - I am taking notes! Love your dummy by the way!

andie commented on 2009-05-06 13:14:19

Am waiting next installment with interest. I am very finnicky about my knickers and never seem to find the perfect pair so maybe I'll make my own. CathyH definately post pic of coat.would love to see it.

annarrow commented on 2009-05-06 19:22:17

This is something different. Anyway, will wait like everyone else to see next instalment. I am useless myself at sewing.

canne commented on 2009-05-06 22:18:29

My goodness, this is something new altogether!!!! when will you be doing the bit on bras????? lol

bubblybill commented on 2009-05-06 22:55:28

The bra type top matches the knickers and I suppose I could do a how to on that if you wish, If I make it out of a material that my partner likes she could actually wear it too !

pinksparkle commented on 2009-05-07 10:58:46

clever boy

bananna commented on 2009-05-12 15:32:05

is that a duct tape dress makers dummy???

grandmum commented on 2009-05-14 12:48:14

Clever stuff! I've been making my own clothes since Methusalah's time but I've never attempted a pair of knickers! Well done you! Not only do you ingeniously make your own, but your items come with step-by-step instructions on each photo - what more could anyone want?

puffofpurplesmoke commented on 2009-06-13 21:52:22

hey hey! You've just given me a cracking idea! Found some lycra in my mum's stash the other day (if she doesn't want it stolen, she shouldn't leave it in my house!) - I think I might have a go at making a tankini that isn't baggy 'round the boobs and actually reaches the bottoms! Cheers!

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06 May 2009

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