Madelyn's Baby Blanket

My Creation

This is my first baby blanket. I made it for my new niece Madelyn Karma. The pattern is called "Circles to Squares Afghan" by Shiri Mor. I made only half the pattern so it would be baby sized. I used the following yarn: Baby Bee Littlb eBritches in Baby Camo and Pink Camo and Baby Bee Sweet Delight Pomp in Pink-A-Boo. As you can see I got lots of help on this blanket from my babies.

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grandmum commented on 2009-10-09 22:36:18

Fabulous - love the colours! At least this baby will have a warm winter!! Jx

mollypops commented on 2009-10-09 22:56:28

Brill.colours are fab!

julieanneb commented on 2009-10-10 11:04:09

I think the cat claimed it!!!! lovely blanket

annarrow commented on 2009-10-10 12:01:09

Wow, this is fabulous, lovely colours in this blanket.

DemonKnit commented on 2009-10-10 13:35:32

lovely :)

TLW commented on 2009-10-10 16:22:08

Lovely - I love the different sizes.

artycrafty commented on 2009-10-11 01:33:24

How beautiful it is

thecrampedhand commented on 2009-10-14 14:43:11

Great job , It looks super.

Time Taken
New Born
09 October 2009

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