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Had great fun using a fork to make flowers/ pompoms using various yarns.
Quick and easy to do and makes cute little pom poms or flowers!

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andie commented on 2010-05-26 14:34:23

what a great idea juie i may have to try this well done

mollypops commented on 2010-05-26 14:37:43

How the blazes did you come across this idea Julie....? you never cease to amaze me! haha .must have a go at this.xx

julieanneb commented on 2010-05-26 15:08:41

Hi Moe found a tutorial on U tube some time back been meaning to give it a try - the trick is when you take it off the fork and not to do it too quick or it unravels! and remembering to put the tie between the middle prongs before you start.

annarrow commented on 2010-05-26 18:57:47

This looks really good Julie, i would like to have a try at this.

ChrisCunningham commented on 2010-05-26 19:07:33

You are on a roll - how inventive are you? Brilliant.

grandmum commented on 2010-05-26 21:40:34

Fabulous idea - got to try this Jx

Jem commented on 2010-05-26 23:00:36

Must try this, anymore info on where to find it please

tinca commented on 2010-05-27 08:48:10

didn't know you could have so much fun with a fork J. eilxx

julieanneb commented on 2010-05-27 15:53:06

Sorry Jem found it whilst surfing but forgot to keep link - am looking and will get back if I find it again. Meanwhile if you want to have a go get yourself a fork, cut a piece of yarn about 4 inches and place between middle prongs of the fork. Make sure that this yarn is strong as you will want to tie it tight so you might want to use something different to the main yarn you will be using. Hold this down as you work. Take the main yarn and weave in and out of prongs - For the flowers keep weaving till you get near to top of prongs. Now take the yarn that you placed in the middle and tie left over right drawing in the thread - slowly pull the threads off the fork and then tie the piece of yarn tight. If you pull it off too quickly it will unravel and you will be left with a long piece of yarn haha! At this point you can add a wire if you want to have a stem (I used a green covered wire but you could cover it with yearn or ribbon if you want) Just loop it around and twist tight. Fluff as desired. You can leave it loopy or cut the loops and make it more pom pom like. Trim as necessary. For the bows start by leaving a tails to the left side of the fork weave as before but only do it three or four times ending at the right side of the fork. Tie off as previously but bring the knot down to the bottom of the prongs, lift off and tie off tight. Trim the tails and fluff the bow. You can decorate them with beads etc. I found this an easy way to make tiny bows using a small desert fork. I can never tie them properly with my fingers! Hope this is helpful - have fun!

SuTy commented on 2010-05-27 19:04:32

how did you do that I am speech less

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