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the postman has just called with a lovely parcel with lots of wonderful goodies and super card from my dearest friend! Thank you Moe - the gifts are just super - I love all of them - you know me too well!!!! xxxxxxx
I am just off now to read my little book...................and enjoy a second birthday!!!! Good excuse for a cuppa and piece of cake!

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ChrisCunningham commented on 2010-04-12 13:46:44

Lovely - lucky girl

Buzyknitting commented on 2010-04-12 13:52:05

Friends are sooooo precious xxxxxxxxxxx

canne commented on 2010-04-12 16:15:48

Aww that is so lovely - happy birthday again!

craftydiva commented on 2010-04-12 18:20:18

Hope you had a lovely birthday x

prettypink commented on 2010-04-12 21:18:56

What lovely presents to receive. Happy birthday Julie. I hope you had a lovely day. X

morathiuk commented on 2010-04-12 22:01:31

awwww hope you had a great birthday hunni xxx

grandmum commented on 2010-04-13 04:55:55

Most fabulous gifts from a caring lady to another special lady. Bet you love them all Julie - hope yo're enjoying your 'other' birthday Jxxxx

andie commented on 2010-04-13 10:18:21

awww what great gifts

tinca commented on 2010-04-13 14:46:13

lovely gifts for a lovely lady... eilxxx

mollypops commented on 2010-04-13 19:39:30

Aw! glad you liked them Julie and even more glad that they all arrived in none piece.lol. you deserve them and more my lovely friend. Hugs xx

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