Felt cake

My Creation

These are my recently made cakes. Mostly felt, with some cotton cloth as well.

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Rosemom commented on 2009-05-02 18:51:40

These look soooo yummy! Getting hungry! So well made. look like the real thing, well done!

LUBINKA commented on 2009-05-02 19:37:19

are you joking? felted? I'm drooling just by the looks of them!

Zolly commented on 2009-05-02 19:57:40

OMG!!!! I'm "speech" less... these are amazingly fantastically wonderful and they look better than the "real" thing!!! Wow.

lermer commented on 2009-05-02 20:17:06

These are amazing - I love the kiwi fruit

craftycaz commented on 2009-05-02 20:27:46

Brilliant xx

Suechris commented on 2009-05-02 21:58:58

brilliant It makes me feel really hungry, fantastic job you have done

Lorna23 commented on 2009-05-02 22:38:05

These are fantastic they look so real you are very clever.

Lovelydeer commented on 2009-05-02 23:37:42

Super fab!

DemonKnit commented on 2009-05-03 08:01:32

cool :)

andie commented on 2009-05-03 09:16:14

Wow these are absolutely brilliant, well done

Time Taken
Just a personal treat
02 May 2009

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