purple and aqua necklace with earrings

My Creation

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annarrow commented on 2011-10-15 21:30:09

The colours look really good together, a fabulous set.

chrissy72 commented on 2011-10-15 23:17:42

thank you Ann !

CathyH commented on 2011-10-16 15:19:02

I love those colours. I was just recently watching the Shirley Bassey biopic on TV (it was on a few weeks ago I think) and she wore this fabulous topaz necklace that I am just dying to make...can't wait for payday and I can go to the Bead Hive shop and check out their beads.

chrissy72 commented on 2011-10-16 16:12:19

Thank you Cathy ,hope you find what you need for your necklace !

catred commented on 2011-10-16 19:11:39

love this

chrissy72 commented on 2011-10-16 20:43:22

Thank you !

andie commented on 2011-11-07 16:16:58


chrissy72 commented on 2011-11-07 18:19:24

Thank you Andie!

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Carlton commented on 2017-07-12 18:11:59

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15 October 2011

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