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made these for a chair that belonged to my grandmother that died end of march this year, the chair means alot to me, and yes its really nice to be back on this site as the people on the site are some of the nices people that i have met, well you know what i mean.

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mollypops commented on 2009-07-15 19:55:55

These are FAB! Welcome back and sorry to hear about your Grandmother!

darkkiss commented on 2009-07-15 20:09:21


grandmum commented on 2009-07-15 20:17:27

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. These cushions are super and are a perfect match for the chair - well done Jx

DemonKnit commented on 2009-07-15 20:26:22

lovely :)

catred commented on 2009-07-15 20:33:10

thanks everyone, its good to be back,

prettypink commented on 2009-07-15 22:16:12

These cushions are beautiful - love the stitches. Sorry to hear about your grandmother..

annarrow commented on 2009-07-15 22:46:08

What lovely cushions, love the pattern and design too I am sorry to hear about your grandmother.

andie commented on 2009-07-15 22:54:58

lovely cushions, they'll make it a real pleasure to sit in your grandmothers chair and remember her.

julieanneb commented on 2009-07-15 23:18:12

Were they made from the knitting you were sorting out ?- they really are lovely and look great on the chair. A lovely way to remember her by.

thecrampedhand commented on 2009-07-16 13:57:45

very nice , I 'm sorry to hear about your Gran.

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