The baby swans are all grown up!

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It is seldom that the swans allow the babes to get close enough to feed but as they are almost grown they are not so strict. The gray babies are hard to see but they are there - almost as big as mom and dad. The picture of the lone white one - note the feathers that are puffed out - he is after another swan interloper! Since I took these pictures the babies are often on their own - but hook up with mom and dad at night!

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annarrow commented on 2009-10-03 12:14:49

What lovely pictures these are,the single swan looks so serene on the water.

glaslas commented on 2009-10-03 12:32:53

Aww, fab shots catmother!

grandmum commented on 2009-10-03 14:20:57

Fabulous photos! JX

julieanneb commented on 2009-10-04 00:05:34

great shots!

tinca commented on 2009-10-05 08:54:57

great piccies eilxx

andie commented on 2009-10-05 19:58:13

aw aren't they cute, great photos

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03 October 2009

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