Mailling Christmas!

My Creation

A variety of chainmaile, supplies given to me as Christmas presents!

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Rays_Place_Designs commented on 2013-01-02 16:29:50

lovely jewellery

DemonKnit commented on 2013-01-03 19:54:16

Lovely :)

WinglessRaven commented on 2013-01-03 22:13:21

love the scale flowers, i may regret asking this - but are these for sale somewhere? would love to share these with my geeky friends.

beadingbonkers commented on 2013-01-04 16:56:49

Thankyou for your kind comments. These scales flowers are available from beadsisters as kits, I just added the plain silver scale ones from my beady stash. They give very good instructions which are suitable even if your have not done maille before. (I'm not on a commission, they are very helpful people with excellent customer service) They are availble in blue/purple, orange/gold and black/silver which will make one brooch and one pendant either all one colour or a mixture of the 2 colours, so that's 2 flowers per kit + they give you enough jump rings so you can mangle a few up practising. Please give it a try!

WinglessRaven commented on 2013-01-04 17:06:30

Wow! Their really affordable!

Time Taken
few days
None in particular
02 January 2013

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