Round Ripple Afghan

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2.8.2010 - I started this project to use up some sock yarn I have decided is too itchy for socks. The pattern is from under 'round ripple'. Its coming out quite nice and I hope it will soften up when its washed. The yarn is called Lang Jawoll Magic Superwash and is 75% wool and 25% nylon so I think its the nylon thats making it a bit scratcy.

5.8.2010 - I finished using up one ball of the yarn and it measures 20" unblocked. Will block it tomorrow so wish me luck. I just love the colours.

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suzanne1387 commented on 2010-08-02 16:48:03

i like this! well done looks hard work

fairyland commented on 2010-08-02 20:46:50

Beautiful x

annarrow commented on 2010-08-02 21:56:41

Love the colours in this yarn, this is looking beautiful.

glaslas commented on 2010-08-03 08:38:30

Wow, what gorgeous wool!! How big will this be when finished?

andie commented on 2010-08-03 09:55:52

looks lovely

grandmum commented on 2010-08-03 17:21:44

gorgeous colours - will be super when it's finished Jx

TLW commented on 2010-08-03 19:35:06

Lovely colours, I'm sure it will be a labour of love.

Rosemom commented on 2010-08-03 23:46:49

This is gorgeous, my colours, so pretty :)

lermer commented on 2010-08-04 20:01:29

Beautiful colours.

loopylou commented on 2010-08-04 22:30:09

This is shaping up to be gorgeous! The colours are fab.

Time Taken
1 hour +
None in particular
02 August 2010

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