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First I made a Christmas light from plastic canvas with a tealight in the middle, Second one is my first oil painting (and so far the only one lol) after I got a few lessons from my brother. Third one is a tapestry I made for church for the kids of Holy Confirmation a few years back which was on Pentecost then. Fourth is a salt dough decoration for Christmas a little angel. 5th one is an altered rooftile which was a gift for a friend of mine who had a baby. I painted the rooftile. Glued beads and ribbon and a large shell on it on wich I glued silk white and pink rose petals on it and on that a little baby. At last I added a poem. The last one is one of my fimo clay puppets.

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lindoscards commented on 2008-12-13 18:34:25

hi there, i guess your profile (if that is the right word) came up as i put silk painting in and you have both words in your blurb still, i am glad it did as i am like you do everything, though your images look as though the finish is really good. i also made a church banner ,for christingle and alter frontal for advent and again for confirmation. these were in silk and i had a great gang of interested kids in the youth club who helped with the projects .designed them as well. but that was many years ago. i have only just signed up to this, so no profile or anything yet. josephine

bilquees commented on 2010-01-31 05:12:08


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14 October 2008

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