Ocean theme knitted and sewn cushions and lavender pouch.

My Creation

I have enjoyed making these two knitted cushions and matching pouch which contains a lavender sachet and also a fabric cushion. They are all my own 'Ocean Theme' design. The boat and anchor are knitted and sewn on afterwards. I have backed them in contrast blue cotton fabrics. Colinette yarn was used for the paler textured finish and the navy yarn i already had in my stash. The plain marine blue sewn cushion is also in a cotton fabric.

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bettytee commented on 2011-08-23 16:33:11

Ann the cushions are lovely they are so unique love them

ChrisCunningham commented on 2011-08-23 17:34:36

Gorgeous selection Ann

annarrow commented on 2011-08-23 17:49:21

Thankyou very much bettytee x and ChrisCunningham for your lovely comments. x

HRH commented on 2011-08-23 19:02:45

These are lovely, they look very comfy, but too good to use

glaslas commented on 2011-08-23 19:50:40

Wow Ann, these are wonderful - love the ocean theme.. xx

darkkiss commented on 2011-08-23 20:26:05

cool, these look fab

bar85 commented on 2011-08-23 22:42:17

very nice cushions :)

annarrow commented on 2011-08-23 22:59:58

Thankyou very much HRH x glaslas x darkkiss x and bar85 x for all your lovely comments.

tinca commented on 2011-08-24 09:04:54

Well Ann loving these , what a fab design you've rocked my boat as the saying goes .. love them eilx

annarrow commented on 2011-08-24 09:55:12

Thankyou very much Eil, i really appreciate it. xx

Time Taken
few days
None in particular
23 August 2011

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