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Since I found out I've got a table in the Brecon Fair I've been getting organised by listing everything I need to make more of during the next 5 weeks.
This weekend it was fabric hearts. I'm going to be making some mini ones too.
The plan is to have AT LEAST 2 of everything.
Busy times.

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Buzyknitting commented on 2010-06-14 08:38:33

Look so lovely altogether in the basket ............ xx

glaslas commented on 2010-06-14 08:41:06

Thanks Buzy!! xx

prettypink commented on 2010-06-14 08:56:27

Jo these are absolutely gorgeous... love the different fabrics , ribbons and buttons. I wish you loads of sales at the Brecon Fair.... x

beadcrazy commented on 2010-06-14 09:21:35

Theseare lovely Jo I too love the mix of fabrics and patterns x

Beccalou commented on 2010-06-14 10:12:30

looks lovely Jo .xx

ChrisCunningham commented on 2010-06-14 10:18:33

Gorgeous, all of them, Love the little additions of lace, buttons and ribbon. Beautiful - all the best, hope you do well especially after all the effort you have gone to.

andie commented on 2010-06-14 11:18:18

these hearts are all lovely Jo and they look great displayed in thebasket too. Good luck at the fete xx

tinca commented on 2010-06-14 11:24:54

ooh hearts galore.. love em... good luck..like you need it.. no probs... eilxx

Happymouse commented on 2010-06-14 15:10:32

Fabulous ! I hope you have time to make lots more before the day as these should sell within minutes : )

glaslas commented on 2010-06-14 17:35:06

Everyone is so kind - THANK YOU ALL. xx

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14 June 2010

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