Summer Napkin Holders

My Creation

I knitted this range of Summer Napkin Holders as a treat for Summer '09. I intend to hold a host of Bar-B-Q's and thought these colours would give it that je ne sais quoi to set the mood for the evening.... In these designs I have varied the colours, buttons etc and stitches. It would be an idea to use a variety of other colours and buttons. P.S. I hope the weather stays dry for my parties!

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annarrow commented on 2009-05-19 18:37:08

These are really lovely. I do like the buttons on each napkin.

mollypops commented on 2009-05-19 18:49:17

Aw! cute.

Rosalie commented on 2009-05-19 19:05:18

A great way to use up small amounts of yarn andnthe buttons finish them off beautifully.

DemonKnit commented on 2009-05-19 19:15:11

love them :)

TLW commented on 2009-05-19 19:21:04

I love these.

TheCrimsonMoon commented on 2009-05-19 19:57:10

Oh these are so cute!

Zolly commented on 2009-05-19 21:25:32

I love these and just right for the summer...awesome.

andie commented on 2009-05-19 22:20:35

these are just fab prettypink, well done. Fingers crossed we have a lovely long summer this year.

darkkiss commented on 2009-05-20 08:08:59

cool, they look really cheerful

canne commented on 2009-05-20 11:53:31

These are so cute!

Time Taken
1 hour +
Just a personal treat
19 May 2009

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