Some more opf my hand painted dyed yarn

My Creation

Some more of the hand dyed and painted yarn i did. This is Wool & Bamboo mix.
It takes about 45 mins to steam to get the colours set.

I would love to get to the point where i could sell my hand painted dyed yarns.


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pauline51 commented on 2009-03-03 23:33:49

gorgeous xx

catmother commented on 2009-03-04 01:47:37


Galleryglassgal commented on 2009-03-04 02:25:26

Oh your yarn turned out beautiful Pammi!

beaderbabe commented on 2009-03-04 06:19:54

Wow this is gorgeous

Zolly commented on 2009-03-04 07:29:15

Fab citrus colours.

mollypops commented on 2009-03-04 08:59:00


LUBINKA commented on 2009-03-04 09:40:17

Amazing colours - I envy whoever gets to use your yarn

Glitter_Lady commented on 2009-03-04 10:58:23

Thankyou all so much for lovely feedback. I would love to knit it all up, it's sock wool. But i would really love to get into dyeing for profit. I may end up selling this? Pammi

andie commented on 2009-03-04 11:27:18

another lovely wool

bananna commented on 2009-03-04 11:29:27

these are lovely gl and I'm interested that you fix the colours by steaming...I soak the wool in 25 mls of vinegar in 500 mls of water 4 1hr then squeeze the wool out dye with food dye and wrap in plastic wrap and micro wave in 20 sec increments.......I love dying anything but wool is a may have a ready market for wool rovings dyed for felting???

Time Taken
03 March 2009

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