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I have knitted this doll before, but decided to knit another. I found the skirts (especially the blue one) to be tedious to knit! However, the rest of the doll(s) is fun to knit and I love the way one doll is always hidden completely beneath the other's skirt! The last time I knitted her was over 10 years ago (and I still have her) I knitted this one for a contest where you had to use a specific brand of yarn, so that's why I was unable to enter the old one. The deadline for the contest is February 1st so I just completed her in good time. I am hoping that she might be cute enough to catch a judge's eye!

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TLW commented on 2009-01-29 19:03:16

This looks like a lot of hard work, something I could only dream of making as I'm very much an amateur knitter! It does look fun - good luck with the contest! :-)

craftydoglover commented on 2009-01-29 19:23:33

I haven't seen one of these dolls for years, this is lovely. Good luck with the competition.

Agapeliz commented on 2009-01-29 19:23:49

Wow! Well done! Good luck for the contest!

DemonKnit commented on 2009-01-29 19:55:36

awww so cute

cat commented on 2009-01-29 20:13:09

she is lovely! good luck in the contest :0)

pink_crafter commented on 2009-01-29 20:24:01

Awww she is gorgeous well fone and good luck with the contest xxx

prettypink commented on 2009-01-29 21:16:43

Fabulous doll. Excellent work.

Lorna23 commented on 2009-01-29 21:45:17

You sure can work those needles stinkymum these are very retro i remember them years ago great work Lorna xx

rrvy commented on 2009-01-30 03:33:09

These are too good but I really liked the blue one!ALL THE BEST FOR THE CONTEST

stinkymum commented on 2009-01-30 11:45:47

I was lucky with the faces on this doll. I always find them hard to do, and make them look o.k. The blue one has a sweet face!

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29 January 2009

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