Two knitted snakes

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A couple of knitted snakes. A man at work has a little grandson who is in hospital with lukemia. We where talking about how his little brother liking snakes (me keeping them got us onto that convo) an I decided I wanted to make the boys a couple of knitted snakes as a get well/chin up gift for the boys who are both understandably going through it ATM.

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grandmum commented on 2013-07-10 20:49:59

What a lovely thought and so generous too - am sure the boys will appreciate the snakes - fab makes - well done you! Hope the little boy soon improves. Jxxx

naincrafts commented on 2013-07-11 11:04:28

ssthimply sssthuper and ever ssstho generousssth!...*giggles* couldn't resist...x

DemonKnit commented on 2013-07-12 16:05:46

Aww sweet :)

mita commented on 2013-07-21 17:13:34

Wow lovely snakes ! The little boy will love them as I do.

Time Taken
few days
Get well
10 July 2013

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