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This is the first tea cosy i have made.........i know it does look like BuzyKnittings but she didnt mind me adding it in here..........thank you Pat.
Just wondering how many more i will have to make when my friend sees it.
The flowers and leaves are from 100Flowers to knit and Crochet book.

Forgot to add this is the first time my teapot has been out of the cupboard for years lol.....

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annarrow commented on 2010-03-27 09:29:53

This is fabulous Trish, love the colours too and beautifully designed.

ChrisCunningham commented on 2010-03-27 10:23:27

Lovely, nice colours

glaslas commented on 2010-03-27 10:32:53

Well done, clever you - I wish my knitting skills were better. Should have taken more notice when my mother was trying to teach me!!!

DemonKnit commented on 2010-03-27 11:44:20

lovely :)

mollypops commented on 2010-03-27 11:48:38

Oh it's fab Trish,well done,love the flowers too.I was thinking of getting that book....100 flowers to knit+crochet...is it any good Trish? xx

TrishKnitter commented on 2010-03-27 11:57:28

Thank you all for your kind comments. Mollypops...........the book is very good .........i got mine off Amazon and it was £2 cheaper than in the shops, post free and it was new.......ordered it one day got it 2 days later...............it gives instructions and coloured pictures.......you can use whatever wool you want and size of hook and needles so then they work up different sizes.........must admit i did practice on a few lol.

susana commented on 2010-03-27 17:15:49

this is lovely

prettypink commented on 2010-03-27 19:32:00

superb tea cosy love the colour and the flowers are brilliant.

darkkiss commented on 2010-03-28 09:26:02


andie commented on 2010-03-28 21:09:49

a great cosy

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