Baby Suprpise Jacket for new nephew

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Everyone in the whole wide world of the interweb seems to have knitted this bad I joined the party! Not really sure that it was such a party!! For a teenyweeny garter stitch jacked there was a whole lot of frogging going on!! It's knit in one piece (don't ask how, I made it and I'm still not 100% sure!! ;) !!) There are only two small seams, so that the plus side - woop woop! Anyways the little chap looks lovely in it! I added a mix of candy coloured buttons but never got round to taking a pic of it completely finished!

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Rachelsian commented on 2008-07-02 21:47:32

AWww! thats gorgeous laura, I bet he looks really cute in this..... You are a clever lady!!!

suse commented on 2008-08-19 21:45:12

that looks fab! almost worth having another baby for... no, no its not , not quite!!

NanaMcPhee commented on 2013-06-08 09:12:56

Once you get the first one done and realise how it will turn out...the second and subsequent ones get have to keep a tally of what row you are on...cos its had to know just by looking at your work. Well done for finishing it.

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02 July 2008

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