Mug Hug and coaster

My Creation

The Mug hug is from Knitted Mug Hugs 20 to Make by Val should have flowers on it but as it is for a Man i thought i would leave them off..........coaster i made up.........

Cast on 3 sts D.K. yarn 4mm needles.
K.1. Inc 1 K.1.
K.1. inc, next 2 sts. k.1
Continue increasing on every alternate row until 30sts.
Decrease at each end of every alternate row till 3 sts.
Cast off.
Crochet round edges.

If you want a larger mat just increase to more sts.

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Sandycraft commented on 2014-01-04 14:23:38

I wish I could knit. I'm afraid I'm very impatient, knitting doesnt move fast enough for me. One of these days I'm going to try it. You have inspired me.

TrishKnitter commented on 2014-01-04 14:27:13

Sandra there are tutorials on U Tube .........these are off to the US in a few days.

pinkhank commented on 2014-01-04 15:59:24

I think its a wise idea to leave flowers off if this is a present for man- I can imagine dad's face if he had flowers on his, ha ha ha. Lovely though, particularly the coaster, so jazzy!

TrishKnitter commented on 2014-01-04 19:00:56

Thank you Megan.

alienstar commented on 2014-01-04 22:31:08

Lovely Trish. :) xx

craftygirlada2012 commented on 2014-01-05 19:02:55

Just lovely .:-)

Time Taken
1 hour +
Just a personal treat
04 January 2014

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