Eco-friendly cotton scrubbies and face cloth

My Creation

I've finally finished writing up this crochet pattern. It's taken me AGES and I've crocheted tons of scrubbies and face cloths checking the pattern and getting it right. I've finally finished and I've put the pattern up for sale in my etsy shop. Hope it's a success. What do you think?

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Vanessa commented on 2009-02-07 23:02:11

I think they look great, I'm off to have a look in your shop.

rosebud commented on 2009-02-08 00:11:28

They look lovely and a beautiful pattern well done xx

Rosemom commented on 2009-02-08 00:31:26

These look lovely, pity I cant crochet! :(

andie commented on 2009-02-08 01:01:54

both sets are lovely

TLW commented on 2009-02-08 10:07:18

They both look great.

cat commented on 2009-02-08 20:53:28

they look fantastic :0)

busylizzies commented on 2009-02-23 13:07:29

Both fab!!

craftydude1999 commented on 2009-04-11 19:05:56

can i eat it jxghdsbfygdbfd

Time Taken
15 to 30 minutes
None in particular
07 February 2009

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