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Knitted this while watching TV. using one ball of yarn The yarn is like a fringe, silky and soft and so warm. Added a large button on which I sewed a flower and beads

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TrishKnitter commented on 2011-02-16 13:10:07

Really nice .......lovely colours.........well done

annarrow commented on 2011-02-16 14:11:31

This is really lovely julie, love the colour and the added flower and beads too.

beadcrazy commented on 2011-02-16 15:49:25

Lovely Julie and i love the colour

cfartyabuela commented on 2011-02-16 15:49:32

really lovely Julie, just what you need at the moment with this weather here. xxx

ChrisCunningham commented on 2011-02-16 16:53:31

Very, very pretty and looks so soft and warm too, as you say..

DemonKnit commented on 2011-02-16 18:20:00

lovely :)

glaslas commented on 2011-02-16 20:09:10

FAB... xx

prettypink commented on 2011-02-17 09:48:01

beautiful love the colour

tinca commented on 2011-02-17 10:13:51

loving this J.. the colours perfect for the sweater xx eilxxxxx

andie commented on 2011-02-17 11:57:14

very pretty

Time Taken
1 hour +
None in particular
16 February 2011

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