Matt Buzzbee

My Creation

... raised £35.00 for local church bazaar in "name the bee" contest - winning name was Lola!!

"Hello Bee" pattern by Kipulkai was purchased on

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Cirens_Call commented on 2010-05-05 02:13:14

Brilliant way of raising money! and a brilliant make. i like him, he made me smile.

gr8knitwit commented on 2010-05-05 05:08:20

Thank you for your kind feedback! :)

debs02892 commented on 2010-05-05 06:25:34

He's buzzing well done.xx

Buzyknitting commented on 2010-05-05 08:40:44

Great make :-) Well done on raising so many pennies with her ............xx

andie commented on 2010-05-05 09:19:15

cute bee so much nicer than real ones, well done on raising the money too

gr8knitwit commented on 2010-05-05 10:25:29

Thank you all for your lovely comments!! I've started making items, in preparation for Christmas, for a Shoe Box Appeal which my friend is organising at my place of work - those who want to each fill a shoe box with suitable items for Romanian children etc 2 - 15 yrs ... at least, in a small way, I might be able to help make someone smile! AM :)

beadcrazy commented on 2010-05-05 10:40:39

Great what a cheery face it has

gr8knitwit commented on 2010-05-05 11:10:53


grandmum commented on 2010-05-05 11:45:18

Fabulous AM. your bee is brill and you're helping others smile INDEED!!! Well done on raising the funds too Jx

gr8knitwit commented on 2010-05-05 13:01:09

Thank you grandmum (et al!!) for your kind feedback! :)

Time Taken
04 May 2010

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