crochet bunny purse

My Creation

Makes a really nice gift for a little girl.

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andie commented on 2008-09-30 14:50:12

Lovely bunny well done

frankiecraft commented on 2008-09-30 15:52:12

olh wow i love it, please tell me where i can find the pattern, hugs

Sues commented on 2008-11-25 08:34:47

Hi Sorry, dont go on here as often. I will e-mail you back later today to tell you the book I got it from. I did buy it from readicut on line though.

birdie commented on 2009-05-26 21:01:14

Oh what a cute bunny, I wouldn't mind him visiting my carrot patch anyday.

Sues commented on 2009-05-26 22:16:00

Thanks everyone for your comments, If you want to know where to get the pattern I can let you know. Its really easy to do.

Rosemom commented on 2009-05-26 22:32:42

Aww, wish I could crochet! This is so lovely!

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30 September 2008

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