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Just a few more of the many bridal gowns I made. You all must be pleased that I didn't photo all I made; I have actually lost count of the final total; I never managed to have one for me as I didn't have "big do's" either time!!!
They all fastened with rouleau loops and covered buttons..I covered hundreds and more that I actually put my wrist out of line and always had it straped for support!!

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craftykim commented on 2009-02-25 21:16:42

They are just beautiful!

bubblybill commented on 2009-02-25 21:30:08

Simply Beautiful !

rosebud commented on 2009-02-25 21:49:50

Wow oh wow oh wow!!!! what can i say i am speechless!! you are so clever to design and then make these magnificent wedding dresses they are all so so beautiful well done you deserve a medal xx

pinksparkle commented on 2009-02-25 23:17:56

The brides must have been really pleased.

andie commented on 2009-02-25 23:25:18

All beautiful gowns. Gosh you're better than david emanuel (probably wrong spelling, but him who did lady di's dress) at designing these dresses and he had seamstreeses to make his he didn't make them like you. WOW again.

lilylola commented on 2009-02-25 23:26:39

I'd love to have your sewing skills. I used to spend hours as a child drawing wedding dresses but wouldn't know where to begin with drafting a pattern this complex. The patience you must have to make all those loops AND cover the buttons yourself too, truly admirable.

Glitter_Lady commented on 2009-02-25 23:27:07

WOW these are beautiful. You must have made the brides SO happy? Well done. Pammi

bananna commented on 2009-02-26 00:56:38

after that what next??? I covered one fabric button last night and then didn't use it lol what are u doing now I see evening bags or cushions ..what an amazing legacy to have left having dressed so many princess for their special day,,my fave is the coloured photo..cheers

catmother commented on 2009-02-26 01:48:00

Makes me want to get married again (to same guy) just so I can have you make me a gown! They are absolutely gorgeous.

Bikerkit commented on 2009-02-26 07:43:14

These are simply gorgeous.

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25 February 2009

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