Deck lights & Bells

My Creation

I've always wanted to try bottle cutting but have never had much luck at it until Hubby & I chucked the commercial cutter we bought & built our own. Now we have a fairly high success rate. One of the items I've been making is patio/deck lights from the bottom halves of wine bottles.
I use glass enamels to paint the outside, add a bit of excelsior for more sparkle & top it with a solar light. It isn't difficult to find the stake type solar lights that fit the top of the particular bottle I'm using. The bottom will usually come off with a twist, leaving a disk like shape that I glue to the top. Set it in the sun for awhile & it'll give off a warm glow after dark.
I'd made several when I realized I was left with the unused bottle tops---can't have that. After a bit of thought, I painted one stroke flowers on them, used fishing line to suspended beads from the cap/cork & created sweet sounding bells.

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cheryljackson commented on 2014-04-29 16:10:09

Love the 2 flowers bottles

Time Taken
1 hour +
Just a personal treat
29 April 2014

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