Tadpoles X stitch picture

My Creation

I designed and stitched this for an online textile exhibition with the Hand Embroidery Network. Was inspired by the tadpoles in our garden pond.

X stitch, back stitch, sort of Frenchknots for the fluffy orange bits, beads.

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lindyloo2 commented on 2009-09-10 15:38:43

Very unusual !!

StephanieFaith commented on 2009-09-10 15:42:24

Wow, that was a quick comment - - - I only just uploaded it :D

lyndseyloo commented on 2009-09-10 16:23:35

this is fab, i love it x

andie commented on 2009-09-10 17:49:13

cute and fun, lovely stitching too well done

mollypops commented on 2009-09-10 18:30:50

Love it.

tinca commented on 2009-09-10 20:37:25

i like this, i've been told about that site. eilx

grandmum commented on 2009-09-10 20:44:33

Love this - so different! Well done!! Jxx

StephanieFaith commented on 2009-09-10 23:56:39

Thank you everyone for nice comments. I really enjoyed designing and stitching it :D

glaslas commented on 2009-09-11 08:34:48


annarrow commented on 2009-09-11 09:48:00

This is really nice, love the design, very neat work too.

Time Taken
few days
10 September 2009

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