Cyber Snowman

My Creation

This is one I promised to do for my daughter a while back. The ear muffs make it look a bit like something out of Dr Who, but my daughter loves it!

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Zolly commented on 2009-03-06 23:20:25

Ah bless, he's lovely.

andie commented on 2009-03-06 23:22:19

This is so cute well done

rrvy commented on 2009-03-07 04:27:36

No wonder your daughter loves it--it is fab

julieanneb commented on 2009-03-07 07:55:11

He really is sooo cute

darkkiss commented on 2009-03-07 10:45:18

aww so cute

DemonKnit commented on 2009-03-07 14:41:04


disasterarea1 commented on 2009-03-07 15:20:18

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments. This was my first attempt at a knitted toy. My daugher now has it planned that I will work my way throught the whole pattern book for her.......

Rosemom commented on 2009-03-07 15:41:43

Oh, this is great, my girl loves snowmen, but, to my shame, I have yet to make her one! Maybe this year?....

rosebud commented on 2009-03-07 20:56:36

He is just the cutest snowman i have seen xx

LUBINKA commented on 2009-03-07 23:21:42

where do you get such cute patterns? I would love to do something like that for my kids

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06 March 2009

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