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Still don't know what to do with the empty cereal boxes that you keep in your cabinet? My advise is to recycle. I finely took the step and got a beautiful black&white paper and moved on to my favorite projects - recycled craft. I say, it's time for a little cosmetic surgery!

I have a nice collection of paper boxes from cereals and different snacks in one of my drawers. I just feel bad about throwing it away... the material is just too good. I picked a cheerios box (my favorite breakfast, when eggs & bacon are out, hehe) - just too perfect for a magazine box. The tools you need are pencil, ruler, cutting knife, scissors, scotch tape, adhesive roller, and beautiful cover paper of your choice. For the tags circle cutter, white cardboard - I use a piece from bed laundry packaging, black ink-pen, and Loctite fun-tak (mounting putty) to attached it to the box - easier to switch the tags if u want to change the content of the box.

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andie commented on 2009-09-17 13:38:28

these look fantastic, i always mean to do something like this with my empty cereal boxes but never get round to it, love the paper you used well done

Nidhi commented on 2009-09-17 15:05:53

This is amazing! I've been meaning to do recycling since long, now you've given me the necessary inspiration! Thanks! =)

craftydoglover commented on 2009-09-17 17:03:04

These look great - I used to do the same with the big soap powder boxes and still have some I made years ago. Well done.

glaslas commented on 2009-09-17 21:05:50

I love this - and recycling too! Well done.

blackdove commented on 2009-09-18 08:59:59

Fab idea x

LouisePrice commented on 2009-09-30 21:51:48

They look great. Reminds me of covering school books with wallpaper to help protect the covers.

suzanne1387 commented on 2009-09-30 22:56:20

great idea xx

Time Taken
1 hour +
Just a personal treat
17 September 2009

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