Yesterday's outing - wild fungi part II

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Yesterday we had a gorgeous day, very sunny and warm, with 25ºC! My daughter, husband and I went for a walk in the forest and I took tons of photos of wild fungi, again!

Many other people were walking in the forest, either with dogs or children.
I watched with total dismay at how small children destroyed these wild fungi just for fun and the parents didn't say a thing to them.

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KnitnStitchSue commented on 2010-10-04 17:27:53

Some people have no appreciation of TRUE beauty! Your photos are amazing - and a real inspiration to me, as a knitter :)

DonnaBlitzen commented on 2010-10-04 18:39:17

Oh Cristina these are amazing!!!! Isn't nature fantastic. How sad that people didn't give a thought to what they were doing :o( Your pics are so lovely. I wonder if your local paper would be interested in thinking an article all about 'beauty at our feet' or something. Thanks for sharing :o) Donna

annarrow commented on 2010-10-04 19:23:09

These wild fungi have the most deep rich colours. Just lately i have been stopping on a walk and looking at nature's beauty, as most of the time i seem to be in a rush and dont have time to stop. These pictures are fantastic!

ChrisCunningham commented on 2010-10-04 22:25:16

Beautiful pictures Cristina - my husband would have loved that walk - he is a right fungi nutcase and we have to stop at each and every one.

canne commented on 2010-10-05 00:25:53

I agree, your photos are amazing and the colours of these fungi are awesome! Some of them look like something out of a Sci fi film - truly amazing!

tinca commented on 2010-10-06 16:08:19

just brilliant piccies.. what a collection.. eilx

blackdove commented on 2010-10-06 16:12:52

AMAZING! I find fungi fascinating, fabulous photos xx

julieanneb commented on 2010-10-08 14:19:18

Super super pics! I always wonder at nature -truly amazing!

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04 October 2010

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