Cool Yule (Christmas Special 2012)

My Creation

Scandinavian style is a huge festive fave - these makes by Cathie Shuttleworth are the perfect way to tap into the trend!


- Paper, red, white
- Felt, red
- Thread, red, white
- Paint, 3-D, pearl white
- Ink, acrylic, white
- Brush, fine
- Iron-on interfacing, heavy
- Braid, white
- Button, white
- Sequin/beads, white
- Templates downloadable here

Free-standing reindeer

1. Print the online template and cut out a body and half body. Lightly draw your design onto the face of the deer, decorating with dots, stripes, dots and hearts. Decant a little white acrylic ink onto a saucer.

2. Using a very fine-tipped brush, paint over the pencil lines. When dry, dot 3-D paint on and around the painted lines. Glue the tab on the half body and attach to the back of the painted body.

Hanging decs

1. Cut two hearts from red paper. Using white acrylic ink, paint the design onto the face of both hearts. When dry, turn over and paint the same onto the reverse.

2. Add dots of pearl white 3-D paint over all four faces, allowing time to dry between front and back. Feed a length of metallic red thread through a pilot hole at the top of one heart, securing with a knot.

3. Cut a line from the bottom of the heart to the middle. On the other heart, trim from the top down to the middle. Slot the two together, cut to cut, to make it three dimensional.

4. To keep the hearts at right angles, punch a small circle from white paper and glue to the centre of each quarter.

Felt reindeer

1. Iron heavyweight interfacing onto red felt. Transfer the deer design from the template onto the white interfacing and cut out with scissors. Sew a running stitch around the edge, using double white thread.

2. Create a design in the middle of the body and over stitch white braid for extra detail. Attach a loop behind for hanging, then add detail to the face with buttons, sequins and small seed beads, as shown. CB


Gouache designer colour or poster paint make a great alternative to acrylic ink


Acrylic inks, Daler Rowney Inks, 01344 461000,
Dylon 3-D pearl white paint, 0161 236 4224,

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Time Taken
15 to 30 minutes
24 September 2012

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