'Bows and boxes' classic blue and aqua chunky crochet cowl in 80% mohair

My Creation

Like many of my items I made this pattern up while making the item. It started as a skinny scarf, but it wasn't skinny enough so became a big wrap. I didn't like it so much this way so it briefly became a tank top and then it finally revealed itself as another piece of neckwear. This fab bold and bright lacy crochet snood, in two of this spring's colours - classic blue edged with aqua - is on sale on a well-known online marketplace near you.

This was an enjoyable item to make particularly for the rhythmic crochet pattern involved, basically alternating tied strands and solid blocks - but also just because I kept changing my mind about what it was going to be. This also means I have a bag of half-crocheted pieces of blue and aqua, from the several occasions where I decided to cut the item into a new shape. It's impossible to unravel 80% mohair from itself and I wasn't going to waste time trying. Maybe my trusty glue gun can help upcycle these offcuts into something new and exciting too.

Hope you like it :-)

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Smithystiches commented on 2015-01-30 17:30:06

Love this especially the colour combination.

Time Taken
1 hour +
None in particular
28 January 2015

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