Harry Potter Scarf

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A Christmas order from a very lovely customer .... I've never seen Harry Potter or read a book so I had to be emailed a pic ..... Hope this is alright? The colours in real life are slightly darker .... Claret red & gold .... Made in 6-8yrs for a Harry Potter fan .....

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darkkiss commented on 2011-11-29 19:32:03

cool, looks fab, very harry potterish

glaslas commented on 2011-11-29 20:06:38

BRILL..... xx

Lilywhites commented on 2011-11-29 20:07:33

its fab , pat its lovely it looks just like the ones in the flim thankyou thankyou thankyou hes going to love it xxxx

DemonKnit commented on 2011-11-29 20:16:02

cool :)

CathyH commented on 2011-11-30 20:37:39

It's spot on ! I love all things HP.

Buzyknitting commented on 2011-12-01 07:52:15

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments .... I think I must have got it right :-)

lindyloo2 commented on 2011-12-01 15:13:30

Well done, very nice x

lermer commented on 2011-12-02 18:15:00

I think it looks even better than the ones in the film - your knitting is so perfect.

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29 November 2011

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