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I took a photoshop course a few years ago, the brief was self portrait. This is my final piece.
It got printed on A2 paper and exhibited in the college.

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laura commented on 2008-08-14 10:31:50

How much does that rock?!?! Love you work! :)

steffieb commented on 2008-08-14 10:48:58

des fois chui content, des fois non :)

Ben commented on 2008-08-14 10:52:32

*Add to Favourites* - Stunning Work Mr Bon'd

LeighB commented on 2008-08-20 09:41:43

Very nice - so you're an all-round arty person. Nice to see!

cat commented on 2008-08-23 15:58:39

very cool!

Evvy commented on 2008-09-12 18:05:10

reminds me of the three wise monkeys (no comparison intended)! See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil! Just popped into my mind.......

Freddyfrog commented on 2008-11-04 22:06:51

Very cool - but you look kinda in pain....

oli commented on 2008-11-04 23:33:28

hehe... maybe that was the feeling at the time ;)

tinca commented on 2009-07-03 10:06:18

Great piece, i would just like to thank you for the site. eilx

Computer Art
Time Taken
few days
Just a personal treat
14 August 2008

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