Hello, I am retired and living in a bungalow with my 3 cats, Snooky (black) and Henry, the lump (grey tabby) and a new one called Bandit, he is black and white and has a black mask over his eyes hence his name. I have been cardmaking for several years seem to be stuck on decoupage or peeloff cards. I watch Create and Craft but on a pension cannot afford a lot of what they have on offer, it is so frustrating. I recycle cards and also buy cheap cards with several of the same design and make my own decoupage from them. I have always been into crafts since a child and at the moment my list includes, dressmaking, embroidery, cross-stitch, tapestry (with wool) crochet, woodwork, quilting, cardmaking and, more recently,trying to make jewellery. I just love trying new things. Recently I seem to be doing nothing but baby knitting for my family and friends. I have a family of 5 grown up children, 10 grandchildren and 9, great-grandchildren. I do not see some of them but the ones I do see keep me busy. I love doing aran jumpers and cardigans and, luckily my grand-daughters like them for the family. I do have some mobility issues but keep going and am still independant and look after myself.

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"I am back after a long time away, some of it without a pc. At the moment I am knitting my first knitted shawl. Since I have been away I have made several childrens jumpers, dolls clothes and 2 crochet blankets/pram covers. I am trying to get used to this"