British born (Romford, Essex), dual UK and US citizen, I live on Long Island, New York and before that in California. I have three sons, one in Iraq, one in London and one about 15 minutes away. I am also a grandma and have been knitting since I was about 5 years old when my mum taught me how to knit one Christmas when I was sick in bed. I have tried to crochet, but never have much success and just end up loosing stitches and then give up. I knit every day when watching t.v. - mostly toys, as they are easier to sew up then sweaters! I once knitted a sweater for my husband and as I usually shrank everything I knitted the largest size. However, when I washed it - expecting it to shrink - it grew! I have never knitted a sweater since - and it was a 16 line pattern. My friend unravelled the yarn and knitted herself a sweater, her daughter a cardigan and her baby an entire outfit! That was in 1978, so maybe I "could" try again! Just started knitting Jean Greenhowe's topsy turvey Cinderella. First knitted this about 15 years ago - and I still have her!

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"All through the month of January, I knittted like a crazy woman to finish as many projects as I could to enter in a contest using Vanna's Choice brand yarns. I managed 15 toys but had to wait until May to see if any of them were finalists! Unfortunately,"

Ridge, New York