Hi I am Eve, I live in a small town in Hampshire. I am married to a wonderful man and have two grown up children. My daughter is 31 and has three wonderful children, two boys and a girl. My son is 23 and still lives with us. I have two dogs a Westie Jack age 3 and a Jack russel Ben age 2 and they are my babies!! As a child I always loved crafting and it stayed with me. When i first got married i would make what i could for the house, ranging from table cloths to curtains and lampshades. I also done a bit of dressmaking, knitting and crochaing ( dont think i spelt that right lol) About 2 years ago i got my first PC , mainly to do my groceries shopping, then one day decided to get a greetings card cd to print my own cards. As I got into card making i went onto google to get a few idears on what cards to make and found hand made cards and was amased at the creations and that was when i first got the real taste for hand crafted cards. Its wonderful to see peoples eyes light up when they recieve a card you have made from scratch and by your own hands.

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