I love arts and crafts and I have my own blog http://sammyhandmade.wordpress.com/ Also you can also follow me on DeviantArt http://samanthanagel1567.deviantart.com/, and Twitter @SammyHandmade, and like me on Facebook Miss Sammy Handmade Cards I first started making cards around April 2005, and have been crafting ever since I can remember and I have continued with much relish and a feisty appetite for the skill and I hope that my designs lead to sales and magazine commissions. My Husband gave me lots of inspiration to start a new hobby, I started to make them for family, then after they liked them I made them for friends, and people I worked with. I have always loved arts and crafts since I was a little girl. I love calligraphy, painting, making handmade cards, knitting, cross-stitch, sewing, making handmade jewellery, photography, drawing and sketching, also i'm learning to crochet and to make handmade teddy bears

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"Saw Skyfall today and loved it, and been busy pumpkin carving"

Bedford, United Kingdom