Hi my name is Michelle(obv) but people have called mitch, mich and shelly since I was little. I have always been into art and crafts since i was very young. (my mum used to buy big rolls of lining paper and all the kids in the neighbourhood used to come round and we would all spend the afternoon drawing and painting). I have tried my hands at making things out of plaster of paris, clay, matches and paper. I have had a go at glass engraving and painting, I have also hand engraved natural slate for a memorial for family in our garden. I have always made my own cards for family since I was small (not having very much money and sweets and toys were more important back then), but in the last year I have got more into making cards on larger scale. As well as card making I also love to sketch and draw and always have a pad and and pencil near me when I go out any where. I have varied tastes from landscapes and seascapes to buildings and cars. My other big love is photography and will take pictures of everything and anything that I like the look of. I recently took the pics for my little sisters wedding, which was cool of her to let me do. I would love to talk and swap ideas with anyone and everyone. As well as anyone with any other suggetsions for crafts that I could try my hand at that would be cool....

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