I am utterly addicted to Oasis, Beatles, Paul McCartney, Take That, chocolate and custard creams. I adore sewing, papercraft, drawing, writing, cooking and just about anything crafty. I am currently attempting knitting and crochet, just can't get my head around the crochet though. But I refuse to be beaten LOL.. I have attempted jewellery making once (attempt uploaded in my gallery) and intend to have another go soon. When it is safe for me to sneak out my hidden jewellery making stash out from under my bed without my OH noticing, shhhh don't tell him, wink. I love to play around with Fimo and I am hoping to start cake decorating very soon. I was training to be an interior designer but that got put on hold when I got pregnant with Pickles ( my toddlers nickname) but I will hopefully be resuming it again in the coming months. I spend my time running around after a hyper toddler and teenager that has resulted in driving me slightly mad oh and my OH, wink, wink :) I also I teach card making and papercrafts, have written for a UK craft magazine, designed stamps for a UK manufacturer and I am a moderator for Crafts Beautiful. I am in the process of getting more organised and getting my sketch pad out once again and setting up my own digital stamp download website. My avatar is from one of my stamps :) I also have a couple of blogs if you'd like to check them out @ icklepicklepumpkinpie.blogspot.com and confessionsofaslimmingworlddieter.blogspot.com Cheers ears :)

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