well i thought its about time i updated my profile i am a mum to two gorgeous girls one 4 and the eldest of 10, my youngest started school in september so i have just started back at work after after nearly 10 years at home being a home mum. i know work part time as a playworker in the playgroup on the site of my girls school, although i said i wouldn't go back to working with children i am loving it and it fits in perfectly with my girls!! i enjoy many different types of craft and iam constantly flitting from one to another and always have several 'projects' on the go. at the moment me and my sister are doing a scrap book for my mums 60th next year my two girls are also now wanting to start crafting so we are enjoying crafting together i am still trying to branch out into interent sales but still just thinking lo although i have sold some of my bits at local craft fairs and am looking forward to doin more in the future

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