Until three years ago I was a nurse and had been since I left college. I thoroughly enjoyed my career. Unfortunately, I contracted swine flu and subsequently became very ill with inflammatory disease of my joints. I already had severe back problems which did not help the situation. three years down the line, I have poor mobility, unable to work, on large doses of pain relief and medication to get me through the day. One super thing came out of this. 18months ago I learned myself to knit and now specialise in childrens, clothes and assesories and making childrens toys and bags. I thrive on new projects and like to adapt patterns to make projects more unique. I would love to learn to crochet.

amacan12's Status

"I have just joined busy mitts and downloaded my recent projects. I sleep very little due to pain but this enables me to get on with my projects."

Shrewsbury, United Kingdom